emily hall

series one • album release

I’m ruddy delighted to announce that all the music created in series one of the podcast is now out as a standalone album!! It’s an unusual album creation process that wouldn’t have been possible without the inspiring guest collaborators that joined me on the excuse the mess journey. A hugely warm thanks to Manu Delago, Laura Jurd, Emily Hall, Robert Ames, Mark Lockheart, Douglas Dare, Mira Calix, Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch and Matt Calvert. Also a special thanks to Mandy Parnell for putting her magic touch to the mastering and walking us all through the often mysterious process.

We’d love it if you share far and wide, but mostly we’d love it if you gave us a listen!
The album can be bought & streamed in all the usual places. Try it out on your ears.
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