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A parting picture with Hidden Notes founders

Adam Hinks & Alex Hobbis

Part 1

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Part 2 (coming soon)

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Hidden Notes Festival is the brainchild of the two blokes above (not the middle one, that’s me), Adam Hinks & Alex Hobbis. Two of the nicest and dedicated people you will ever meet.

Their idea was to start a new contemporary classical music festival in Stroud, a picturesque town in rural Gloucestershire. The figurative and literal alter on which this festival would take place was St Laurence Church. The setting was perfect and the stellar lineup of boundary pushing artists was too.

The reason for this podcast episode is because, well, why not! They got in touch with me out of the blue and asked if I would bring excuse the mess to the festival to interview some of the artists, label runners and generally capture the atmosphere - I hope that with this very special two-part episode I’ve managed to do that. I jumped at the opportunity to do something new with the podcast.

St Laurence Church - Hidden Notes Holy venue

St Laurence Church - Hidden Notes Holy venue

In part one I speak to Manu Delago, Emily Hall & Misha Law, Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch and Robert Raths (founder of Erased Tapes record label).

In part two I speak with Dave Howell (runner of record label, 130701), Hatis Noit, Claire M Singer and Lubomyr Melnyk.

A special thank you to Sean and Tom at Sound Records who kindly me to set up shop in their shop to record many of these interviews. I also must thank Anastasios Antoniou for assisting me in this venture.

Finally, an enthusiastic tip of the hat to Alex & Adam for nailing what they set out to achieve.

Thanks for visiting the website and I hope you enjoy listening.
See you at Hidden Notes Vol.2 ….

Take a look at some of my terrible photography below, listen to the Spotify playlist and immerse yourself in the festival.

Sean, Hatis and Robert lingering in Sound Records

Sean, Hatis and Robert lingering in Sound Records

Claire M Singer

Claire M Singer

Sean and Tom

Sean and Tom

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