Episode #2 Laura Jurd

It's a very exciting time for this podcast - excuse the mess now has received funding from the generous folk at Arts Council England and PRS Foundation. With their support I can make enough episodes for series one...starting with this episode featuring Laura Jurd, I think you're going to like it.

Laura is a highly regarded composer, trumpeter and improviser
and it was a pleasure to have her on the podcast.

She is the band leader of the brilliantly energetic, Dinosaur whose album, 'Together, As One' was a huge hit amongst jazz enthusiasts but also infiltrating other musical spheres. In fact, it was so well received it was nominated for a Mercury Prize last year.

★★★★★ “…this beautifully played and effortlessly confident collage of contemporary styles.”

“Apparently there’s a jazz revival going on! Here’s Dinosaur… let’s just call it social music.”

“This band are going to be huge…” JEZ NELSON, SOMETHIN’ ELSE (UK)

± Dinosaur are Laura Jurd (trumpet), Elliot Galvin (keys/synths),
Conor Chaplin (bass) and Corrie Dick (drums) ±

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Episode 2 is full of all sorts of interesting chat. Laura and I spoke in length about:
+Dinosaur and writing for it's talented line up
+the previous album and the upcoming album (Wonder Trail)
+having an open mind to new approaches and experimentation
+her background and her early memories of music
+being a trumpet lover....amongst other topics

There's actually a surplus of material from our day together which might see daylight one day...

Laura has also kindly provided us with some EXCLUSIVES from Dinosaur's upcoming album. Three tracks: Shine Your Light, Renewal Part II and Swimming. These can can be heard in the first half of the podcast. I really love the new Dinosaur direction and can't wait to hear the album when it's out on May 4th.

Don't forget to hang around to the end of the podcast to hear the quirky track we co-wrote. Every sound you hear began its journey as a trumpet noise.


all photography by max adelman


Listen to all the featured tracks from episode #2 on Spotify:


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Thanks to Laura, Edition Records and to Red Dog Music (who are offering you etm listeners 5% discount on their online store type in "excusethemess" at checkout).