Episode #1 Manu Delago

Thanks for being here for the launch of excuse the mess and this pilot episode featuring Manu Delago.
Manu is the first and hopefully not the last guest on excuse the mess!
He is a composer, percussionist and hang player with an enviable list of past and current collaborators. He has worked with the likes of Björk, Anoushka Shankar, The Cinematic Orchestra and Bugge Wesseltoft to name a few...

He has been described as:
"amazing percussionist and Hang player" (Björk)
"sensitive and masterful musician" (The Telegraph)

In this episode you're going to hear us ramble about all manner of things including: Indian music, Anoushka and Björk, his band (Manu Delago Handmade) and the people and process behind it. We discuss the guest vocalists on his albums and you'll learn a bit about his background. I hope you get a good sense of him as a person.  
There will be sonic treats in the form of Manu's music throughout the episode - check out the Spotify playlist below for the full (uninterrupted) tracks. 

At the end of the episode you'll hear the piece, 'Alfredo' that we wrote together using only his hang drums and electronic manipulations.

It was a hectic day but we made the most of it. A huge thanks to Manu for being the EtM-guinea pig. I couldn't think of a better person to launch the project with.
So sit back, plugin and join us in two taxi's, a noisy restaurant and two different flats, all in one podcast, lucky you!

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all photography by max adelman

I highly recommend you investigate Manu's music further. He has released three brilliant albums with amazing guests. Or even better get yourself along to a gig, that's the best way to experience his music, in my opinion.

He has a tonne of video's worth checking out on Youtube. One of my favourites, which is mentioned in the podcast, is 'A Step' featuring Pete Josef. It's beautiful music and a beautiful video - created by  Jeb Hardwick. Check it out below.


This episode is generously sponsored by Red Dog Music. Get listening to find etm's discount code.

Listen to all the featured tracks from episode #1 on Spotify:

Check out 'Light Song' above. Manu's composition for lights and music.

As I mention in the podcast please do get in touch with me. Any feedback would be extremely valuable, I'm new to the podcast game so help me be better.

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Thanks go to Manu, of course. Also to Tru Thoughts for their support and permission to use lots of Manu's music. The same goes to Anoushka Shankar and Björk. Thanks to Red Dog Music for their generous support and thanks to Max Adelman for the great, if not a little hairy, photo's. 

And indeed, to you, the listeners. I hope you enjoyed the first ever excuse the mess episode, hearing from Manu and the track that we created. EtM will be back in the new year with new guests and new music. Triple new.

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I have since cut my hair...primarily because of this picture...

I have since cut my hair...primarily because of this picture...