episode #9 Matt Calvert


Welcome and thanks for seeking out excuse the mess! Series one has been extended to include this episode #9 as the final episode of Series One. I’m very excited about this one as I’m joined by one of my favourite musicians - Matt Calvert.

You might recognise his name from some of these brilliant and varied projects - Three Trapped Tigers | Strobes | Heritage Orchestra | Ma | Evil Ex - but do have a browse if you aren’t familiar, you’re in for a treat. We didn’t have time to discuss all of these but at the end of our day we wandered up to a nearby pub and talked about Matt’s band (a huge influence on me) Three Trapped Tigers (Matt Calvert, Tom Rogerson and Adam Betts). This band masterfully blend the best elements of electronic music, punk, prog rock, metal to create their futuristic sound worlds. They’ve earned the respect of the most respected, including Brian Eno. We’ll briefly talk about why he’s a fan (we also mention his Oblique Strategies Cards) as well as how drums are often the starting point for a TTT track. There’s lot’s of clips towards the end of the CHAT part of this episode.

At the top of the episode we focus on something new and exciting. Matt will be releasing his debut solo album, Typewritten (Truant Records) on 12th October. It’s a beautifully crafted album that has been a long time in the making for Matt. It’s also a step in a new direction for him as it’s all acoustic and sits amongst a body of work that is quite electronic heavy. However, the electronics have left their mark on the album in different ways. Tune in to hear all about it.

NB Typewritten is out now and can be heard HERE


I hope you enjoyed this episode and the rest of Series One. A MASSIVE thank you to all the guests featured in this series. Manu Delago, Laura Jurd, Emily Hall, Robert Ames, Mark Lockheart, Douglas Dare, Mira Calix, Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch.

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Make sure you listen to bot parts of this episode the CHAT and the MUSIC MAKING.


Now, please watch this Three Trapped Tigers video which hilariously features one of Britains best comedians, Matt Berry.

photography by Ida Hollis

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