episode #7 Mira Calix

Mira Calix is the guest for this episode. A multidimensional artist that goes beyond only sound in her work. She was first known for her experimental electronic music released on the innovative Warp Records. Over the years she has developed relationships with prestigious contemporary classical ensembles, choreographers, theatre companies, robots, scientists, festivals and venues all over the world - exapnding her output way beyond stereo limited electronic music.

As her career has progressed Mira has become "an environment builder". Works have become more immersive, exploring a variety of art disciplines and influences in her creations. Along with the music Mira has a strong vision for the visual elements in her pieces and the overall experience for her audience through these "environments" she builds.

Mira 1.jpg

The last 10 years have seen a number of these large scale pieces, traditional albums haven't been her focus at all. It's tricky to give you a sense of her more recent projects in a podcast as so much of their impact is in the visual element. So below, along with the usual photography by the excellent Max Adelman, I've included many videos of these works to give you a better sense of what her art is all about.

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In the episode we chat about:

  • Social media and it's significance in our lives and her work

  • Creating ‘environments’

  • Ode to Joy - a recent piece taking data from foetuses in utero

  • Nunu - a piece using insects and the London Sinfonietta

  • Mira’s background

  • And then some!

Mira 20.jpg

As Mira doesn't play an instrument. We decided to head to an ice rink to record our sounds that would then become our piece of music. We spent a while there recording the ambience of the rink and even asking some more skilful skaters to contribute to the recordings by performing some 'hard stops'. We then pottered back to my flat, having our chat and got to work chopping up the recordings and constructing some music using only the sounds we gathered.

Mira at the helm

This Spotify playlist is most of the music examples you hear from the episode but in full. Have a listen, treat yourselves.

Thanks to Mira for being an amazing guest and thanks to you for checking out excuse the mess. Please do give it a rating on iTunes if it was to your liking. I hope you enjoy this episode!

Discover more from Mira on her online portal and website. Also Twitter and Instagram. Find more music of hers on Spotify (this is old school Mira - still amazing and fresh listening though).

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